About Slow Wax & Co.

“Labor of Love”

We are two best friends who founded Slow Wax & Co. We met in Art History class years ago and bonded immediately; we've been close ever since. Our individual pursuit of art may have taken us down different paths but karma pulled us back together. Now we're making our dream candles!

The idea of creating a candle company started out with the search for a high-quality candle for personal use. A candle that isn’t harmful, is long lasting, responsibly sustainable and also smells and looks amazing! This type of candle is hard to find; especially when everything is mass-produced and profit-driven.  

With not much luck finding the perfect candles on the market, we decided to pour our own candles with the intention to encourage people to "take a step back and breathe”. All of us live busy, hectic, demanding lives but also have happy moments and we want to experience it all. That's what we want our candles to be. Our candles are inspired by natural elements, plants, arts, meditation and yoga! 

Join our slow journey and ”take a step back and breathe”.

-Slow Wax & Co.


About the Co-Founders:



Designer by day and candle maker at night. A dreamer and a doer. When she travels to a new city, the first thing she does is check out the art museums. She lives with her roommates and two cats in the lovely part of East Los Angeles. 




Craft smith with magician's hands. She makes wonders from metal, jewelry, paper, wood, leather and of course wax and fragrances! She enjoys traveling and nature, constantly gathering inspirations for her next project.